Current Research: Pregnancy + Childbirth

Birth after Caesarean

Title: Birth after Caesarean: An Investigation of Factors that Influence Choice of Mode of Delivery

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, Perinatal Services BC, Fraser Health Authority

Abstract: Clinical practice guidelines indicate that over 80% of women with a previous caesarean should be offered a planned vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC), however only one third of eligible women choose to plan a VBAC. Based on findings from a mixed methods program of research and integrated knowledge translation, we have developed an interactive website to support decision-making for mode of birth after caesarean section in British Columbia (BC). The tool is part of a multi-faceted SDM intervention that is being co-developed with the BC Ministry of Health, Perinatal Services BC, regional health authorities, and experts at the Preference Laboratory at Dartmouth College.

Status: The decision aid website is currently undergoing testing and revision. If you would like to get involved or provide feedback, let me know!

Infant Feeding

Title: Shared Decision Making and Infant Feeding: Literature Review and Expert Engagement

Funder: Provincial Health Services Authority (BC Centre for Disease Control)

Abstract: Currently, BC does not have provincial, evidence-informed practice support resources or tools to help health care professionals to engage with families in order to support them to make quality decisions about their infant feeding options (such as breastfeeding or supplementing with formula) in a non-stigmatizing/non-judgmental manner. In partnership with the Ministry of Health and the BCCDC, our aim is to develop a suite of evidence-informed practice support resources. Our objectives are (i) To conduct a literature review to understand decision-making behaviours, needs, challenges, and opportunities for infant feeding choices faced by patient populations when they are making infant feeding choices prenatally, during antepartum admission, and postpartum; (ii) To engage with health care professionals through key informant interviews and focus groups to understand their practice support needs and provide feedback into the findings of the literature review to ensure it aligns with the BC context.

Status: We are currently engaged in data collection and will have results in 2019 to inform development and implementation of the practice support resources.

Prenatal education

Title: SmartMom: Texting for Healthy Pregnancy

Funder: Alva Foundation, Peter Wall Foundation (2013-present)

Abstract: SmartMom is a prenatal education program led by prinicipal investigator Dr. Patricia Janssen. In the program, educational messages are delivered via text message and aim to support women to make informed choices for healthy pregnancy and childbirth. As Knowledge Translation Manager with Optimal Birth BC, I supported the development and evaluation of this mHealth innovation. For more information visit here. The advisory council for this project includes Dr. Patti Janssen (Principal Investigator, UBC), Optimal Birth BC, Fraser Health Authority, Northern Health Authority, the BC Ministry of Health, and industry partners including Memotext. 

Status: The formative qualitative evaluation is complete and pilot testing begin in sample of northern rural communities in 2016.